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Television Show and Revolutionary Wood Treatment Product Company Join Forces to Help Canadians Realize that Having the Blues is Positive When it comes to Home Renovation

March 28th, 2011

BluWood, a leader in building material technology, is proud to announce its product will be featured on HGTV's hit series, Income Property when season 4 goes to air in the beginning of April.

Scott McGillivray
BluWood – a unique two-part wood coating system that protects wood products from moisture, mould and fungus – will be used in all renovations and building developments on the hit TV show.

As a result of the new contra agreement between Income Property and BluWood Canada, homeowners, renovators, decorators and renters committed to transforming homes and basement suites into healthy living environments, will all reap the rewards.

With more than 270 different species of mould present in homes throughout Canada, the long-term health effects of living in a damp abode can be devastating. Mould impacts the indoor air quality of a home and leads to allergies and respiratory problems.

BluWood's unique qualities include a water-resistant, semi-vapor permeable film, which controls against water absorption which in turn leads to the build up of mould, fungus growth which eat their way through wooden structures.

Not only will homeowners and tenants enjoy the health benefits a mould-free environment, but they will save money in the long-term, because BluWood is a cost-effective solution to the unwanted maintenance and remediation costs associated with humidity, leaky pipes and water intrusion damage.

Jenna Keane, Executive Producer of Income Property:

"Income Property is delighted that BluWood will be seen in many of our season four episodes. We're always looking to work with companies who are improving the construction industry with better products. BluWood is an innovation that allows us to build longer-lasting, better quality, and value-added renovations."

Developed by a team of chemists, BluWood is a proven mouldicide, insect repellent and has a non-toxic blue pigment so when it's applied to wood the coverage area is shown. It can be applied to structural frame products such as conventional lumber, plywood, OSB and engineered wood products.

The product is advanced in environmentally-friendly qualities, contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are found in many other building products and have a toxic effect on human health and the environment, and produces no toxins, odours or off-gases. It can be safely disposed of in landfill. Recognized by the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building systems and listed on the GreenSpec directory of 'green' building products, BluWood is seen as a leader in the building industry.

While BluWood was first launched in Canada in 2006 and has been offering builders, homeowners, and landlords an effective system against moisture since, this partnership with Income Property signifies the move towards helping everyday Canadians realize that healthier and cost-effective living standards are achievable.

About BluWood Canada
Developed in 2001, BluWood is a two-part system that protects wood products from moisture, mould and fungus. BluWood can be used in all wood framing of a residential or commercial building. It can be applied to structural frame products such as conventional lumber, plywood, OSB and engineered wood products and it is environmentally friendly.

Shelburne Wood Protection, one of Ontario's largest wood treatment facilities, are proud to be able to bring Canadians and the building community this new technology to stop the growing problems caused by mould. Lowe's a leader in bringing new products to market has been selling BluWood for 3 years. Broadleaf Logistics is distributing BluWood to traditional retailers in Ontario.

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